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CRISIS Publications are direct, explaining their principles briefly, simply and clearly to Catholics in the pews, on whom the future of the Church depends. The time for ambiguity or confusion is long past. 

CRISIS Publications are contemporary, born of our own time and circumstances and intended to become significant statements in current debates, statements that serious Catholics cannot ignore, regardless of their prior views. 

CRISIS Publications are classical, addressing themes and enunciating principles that are valid for all ages and cultures. Readers will turn to them time and again for guidance in other days and different circumstances. 

CRISIS Publications are spirited, entering contemporary debates with gusto to clarify issues and demonstrate how those issues can be resolved in a way that enlivens souls and the Church. 

We welcome engagement with our readers on current and future CRISIS Publications. Please pray that this imprint may help resolve the crises embroiling our Church and society today.

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